Slider image "A picture is worth a thousand words so what better
way to help you absorb the vast amount of information
provided in this guide, required to get you started with
programming in Swift, than to employ the help of
supporting visuals."
79.7 MB - 200 Screenshots
7 Application examples

About the book

This book leads you through the essential concepts, tools and techniques for developing iOS applications with the Swift 2.0 programming language and Xcode 7. You will have the opportunity to write code, use Apple technologies and create multiple applications that would be eligible for distribution by Apple. You'll gain an understanding of how iOS development works from creating a project to controlling animations. With 200 screenshots you will see that the whole process of development is more simple than you think.

What You'll Learn

  • What you will need
  • How to use Playground
  • Xcode basics
  • Swift basic types and control flow
  • Classes, methods, objects
  • Write a program in Swift
  • Create an App with a Single View
  • Create an App with custom navigation
  • How to import and remove files in a project
  • Prototyping and mock-up creation
  • Real world physics introduction
  • Animation, Gravitation & Collision
  • UIKit Dynamics, angle & magnitude
  • Auto Layout & Universal Apps
  • Using links inside an App


This book was written for beginners without any programming experience who want to learn Swift and iOS development and also for those who attempted to learn but could not understand or absorb the content of the official Swift Programming Guide that was released by Apple after the 2014 WWDC. Junior & Intermediate Developers are also welcome since they have the patience to review some of the basic concepts.


Promo Codes for two Apps which will prove especially useful for game and amination development are available in the Epilogue.

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Picture Guide to iOS Programming

F. Tragopoulos

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