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Modern Internet

Anemos is a web browser designed to support all the new internet technologies. It runs websites at lightning fast speed while keeping you secure on the web. It uses security technologies to protect against sites that try to steal data. You will never have to clear your browsing history, delete cookies and other website data or reset your browser again!

New Technologies
DuckDuckGo Office

The Search Engine

Anemos comes with DuckDuckGo, the popular search engine for the privacy-conscious that doesn’t identify you or keep track of any personally identifiable information. What you search for is your own business. DuckDuckGo doesn't collect any personal information and therefore has none to share.

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Never Crashes

Anemos is extremely stable when loading websites, videos and images. It is compatible and co-operates with your native media center and every other feature of your device.

Never Crash
Cloud Save

Customize & Synchronize

DuckDuckGo allows you to save and synchronize your settings on all your devices and even in different browsers anonymously to the Cloud by using a passphrase. Store several sets of settings for different purposes. Select the language, the region, the theme and appearence, the units of measurement, auto-suggestions, safe search and many more settings.

Advertisement free

Advertisements require a lot of data so you end up spending more on your data plan. It feels like you're paying for the advertisements. DuckDuckGo gives you the option of choosing whether or not you want to view advertisements and special offers.

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